Meet Adam Bruno
My name is Adam Bruno, After over ten years in the financial services industry, I decided to form a special Firm. I wanted people to get answers to any questions that they might have in Retirement. Whether it be Investments, Taxes, Estate Planning, Medicare, Social Security, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Portfolio Management, Annuities, Evolution Retirement Services is here to help.

We have 100% retention in our firm with the families that we serve.  Take the time today to see what these families do to prepare, and how this can help you in your situation.
Meet Ralph A. Marcus
Ralph is a tax accountant with over 20+ years of experience in the preparation and filing of all types of tax returns. His practice also encompasses advising clients on entity selection, navigating clients through IRS audits and settling tax debt with the IRS. Ralph has the expertise and know-how to identify and assess audit risks and counsel clients on how to eliminate or reduce them.
Meet Greg Nussbickel
Greg has been practicing Trust and Estate law for the better part of two decades. His legal experience spans large firm, public interest, and higher education. Before graduating Cum Laude from FSU Law, Greg was an extern at The Florida Supreme Court. He later obtained a Master of Laws degree from UM. Greg regularly contributes to legal education platforms, and has been featured on major news outlets.
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